Saturday, 10 August 2013

Testing testing…..

Kinkywebmistress here…’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m just looking at all my blogs and updating – soon!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

XLGirls bumper update

Time to play catch up and see what’s new at XLGirls….another fantastic free gallery from Charlie Cooper who’s testing her buoyancy aids by the poolside.  Then you’ve got Kristina Milan 40J – miracles can happen and they have….Kristina has got even MORE delicious – look at those magnificent mammaries….nomnomnom!! Next up is big favourite Bailey Santana aka Tiffany Blake get her boobs sucked and nibbled (lucky girl) and self confessed cum guzzler Kendra Grace.  Finally you’ve got Karlee Adams showing off her pearl necklace and Renee Ross making her milk shake….get clicking.  It’s good to be back!!

Charlie Cooper by the pool Kristina Milan 40J gets curvier!!
Tiffany Blake gets licked Kendra Grace - cum guzzler
Karlee Adams with pearl necklace Renee Ross raises temperatures

Jen @ BBWGirls

First of all, an ENORMOUS thank you to all the bloggers and friends who have helped me get back on my blogging feet.  My traffic is nearly back to normal and I couldn’t have done it without your support.  Thank you to everyone who’s following me.  Secondly, apologies for my absence – I’ve been snowed in….in Sweden!! I suppose it isn’t a smart move to go for a short break where the snow is several feet deep and not expect to have delays on the roads and airports LOLOL!! Anyway, I’m back and here, for your viewing pleasure, is the very lovely Jen…Ioving her big soft boobs flopping to one side as she lazily buzzes away with her wand…click on her pic to see more….

Jen @ BBWGirls

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Summer Lashay’s enormous boobs….

Imagine suckling on those enormous nipples….hours and hours of endless satisfying fun…nom nom nom….get clicking!

Summer Lashay @ Giagantic Boobs

Shar hoists ‘em up….

Shar Nitzapanus must have a very firm grip for her to be able to hoist those puppies up by her nipples….me myself, I love to do that but my boobs aren’t quite as big as Shar’s lol!! Get clicking….

Shar Nitzapanus @ XLGirls

AnaLee Sands @ XLGirls

There seems to be some sort of spillage going on in Photo 1….and what a stunning spillage it is.  AnaLee’s clothing can’t contain her curves and it’s a fabulous fleshfest….get clicking to enjoy MUCH more of AnaLee….

AnaLee Sands @ XLGirls AnaLee Sands vid clip

Nagy Agnes @ BBWGirls

I don’t think I’ve ever featured Nagy before but I should’ve done – shame on me.  Here she is enjoying a menage a trois with her equally lovely girlfriend and handsome stunt cock….get clicking.

Nagy's look of lust @ BBWGirls Nagy does girl girl